Why consume pumpkins?

Here mentioned are some of the many health reasons that recommend the consumption of pumpkin. 

  • 1.Highly fibre content. It is recommended for slimming diets. High satiating effect.
  • 2.High potassium content that helps to remove fluids.
  • 3.It helps to prevent constipation.
  • 4.Important source of vitamin A (prevents eye problems) and vitamin C (antioxidant).
  • 5.It is a soft and digestive food, which is indicated in case of stomach acidity, bad digestions, gastritis or ulcers.
  • 6.It contains iron and folic acid that prevent anaemia.
  • 7.It contains calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Important for the formation of bones.
  • 8.Improves the state of hair, vision, bones, teeth, immune system, digestive and respiratory system.

Marfesa Group


A company founded over 15 years ago, in continuous evolution and specialises in the elaboration and marketing of all kinds of products for the milk and meat sector.

Our wide experience, lets us understand the needs of our customers, know how to satisfy them fully at any given time.


We have a vast experience of more than 10 years in a continuing evolution, a time in which we have specialized in the production, packaging and marketing of the pumpkin.

Our broad experience enables us to get to know the needs of our customers so that we know how we can satisfy them fully. 


A GRUPO MARFESA company, set up in 2011, catering to the distribution of ice in the northern part of Extremadura and Toledo.

We supply to hotel and restaurant businesses, supermarkets, gas stations and other distributors.

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